This walk takes us through dark alleyways you might otherwise have avoided, only to discover atmospheric and intriguing tales of the unexpected.

Stroll with me through the Haunted streets of the City of London where restless spirits linger and ghosts hover through the centuries…

This is an atmospheric, evening walk through one of the City of London’s most haunted areas. It is a storytelling adventure where restless spirits linger in narrow cobbled streets, and gas-lit alleys, where
we can smell the fear and feel the chill. We will meet slithering black dogs, a fighting aristocratic lady
and a She-devil Queen, poltergeists in basements, strangely tolling bells, body snatchers – the City of
London has it all and much more…”We must expect to encounter strange adventures….Prepare to be
scared, very very scared….”

Meet by Blackfriars Underground Station.


spooky_specres_round_the_strandSpooky Spectres around the Strand. This walk takes us through cobbled streets, gas-lit alleys, by the ghostly River Thames, through dark highways and byways where the dead mingle. We will walk through some of the City of Westminster’s oldest streets, with tales of ghosts and murder.

Stroll with me through the spookier side of the Strand where ghosts are restless and history weighs heavy on their shoulders.

This is a haunted night walk where restless spirits linger in narrow streets, empty tube stations, and centuries old theatres where we can almost smell the fear or feel the chill. We will meet poltergeists, a murdered actor, and hear tales of why thirteen people never dine together at the Savoy Hotel. Taste the fear….

Meet by Embankment Underground Station.


In London you are never too far away from a ghost, and theatrical ghosts abound, they come along with the smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd. The first London playhouse was built in 1576, and ghosts have played a huge part in the history of the theatre since then. Shakespeare taunted many of his characters with ghosts and ghouls, and many playwrights have followed in his footsteps, it’s a great way to introduce fear and panic, and our imagination holds no bounds. In the world of theatre anything is possible….

Shrouded in mystery, voices echo down the dark corridors, and seep into the fabric of the buildings. Empty theatres are desolate and hauntingly alive. Whispers and footsteps sound in your ears, lights flicker, shadows slide into corners and crevices, smells permeate your nose, in the theatre you are never alone.

Join me on a tour of old West End theatres, admire the architecture, delight in its history, and uncover its dark secrets. But stay close…

Meet outside the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.


The Tower of LondonThis walking tour explores some of the City’s oldest, most fascinating and intriguing places.

Discover the oldest part of the City of London and learn why the Romans settled here, trace the narrow lanes and alleyways of Medieval London which still remain, uncover ruins from the Great Fire and World War II, find out about the12th century Merchants who ruled the City, stand in a panorama of the buildings of the new architects who changed the face of the City, and uncover the City of London’s journey to become the world’s leader in International Finance.

We will walk through the City of London starting by St Paul’s Cathedral and finish at Bank Junction.

Meet St Paul’s Underground Station.

clio-walks-london_28133122094_oROYAL LONDON

This walk takes us past some of London’s most famous buildings, parks and monuments but also secret places and alleys from bygone ages.

Discover the haunts and hideouts of Royal London. Follow in the footsteps of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I through Whitehall Palace, once the largest Palace in Europe until it burned down, take a walk in the park with King Charles I just before his execution, and join in the celebrations of our current Royal Family. Walk with the Changing of the Guard from the delightful St James’s Palace down the Mall to Buckingham Palace and discover how the City of Westminster grew with Kings and Queens, Royal Palaces and Royal Shops and much more.

We will walk through the City of Westminster starting by the Palace of Westminster and finish by Piccadilly Circus.

Meet Westminster Underground Station.


The Savoy Hotel Entrance This walk takes us through a vibrant, fascinating part of London. We will stroll around Covent Garden and discover how it grew and changed from the Nun’s Convent Gardens, to Inigo Jones’s lavish and beautiful Piazza, to Bath houses and coffee shops and always with a colourful market. We will discover secrets and scandals, meet actors, writers, and musicians and finish our walk in the street made famous by skiffle, jazz, Elton John and David Bowie.

Meet at Covent Garden Underground Station.


img_1025This walk takes us through one of London’s most cosmopolitan areas. Developed as a home for the wealthy in the 1600s, this district has been populated by many different groups of people over the last 350 years.

We will discover the aristocrats, the Huguenots and the French, the writers, the philosophers, the musicians, the bohemians, and the Lesbians, the Gays and the Queers who have made this space their own. Strolling around we will find traces of different eras, Victorian meeting places, Free French get togethers from the Second World War, beatnik cafés from the 1950s, rock and roll hangouts, street fashion from the 1960s, England’s largest Chinatown, the gay village and much more.

Meet Tottenham Court Road Underground Station.


clio-walks-london-3_28135893653_oA half day discovery of the main highlights of what London has to offer. This is London Laid Bare for you. We will wander through Westminster, walk with pomp and ceremony, admire London’s most famous buildings, visit London’s oldest shops, and uncover a network of streets that you just might have missed.

Meet Westminster Underground Station.


emmeline_pankhurst_statue_victoria_tower_gardensWalk with me through the Suffragette City around Westminster, where we follow in the footsteps of those courageous women fighting for the vote. We will discover how they managed to smash every window on Oxford Street, Regent Street and the Strand – all at the same time on a March afternoon! Follow their path through ‘Deeds not Words’ to uncover their plans. Meet the charismatic leaders of the Women’s Social and Political Union, where they met, how they organised themselves and find out what they did to get what they wanted – to vote.

Meet Trafalgar Square, in front of the National Gallery.



This walk follows the trail of the Great Fire of London from its early smouldering in a bakery to its last ashes.

London was overcrowded, people were living in wooden houses, packedso tightly together that their upper rooms almost touched. With candles burning for light, open fires for warmth, London was constantly at risk of fires. But in 1666 the sparks became a huge disaster burning for 5 days and nights and destroying most of the

Fanned by the strong winds, the flames spread through warehouses along the riverfront and moved through the City. It destroyed over 13,000 houses, 87 churches, 3 City Gates and more. See it through the eyes of the famous diarist Samuel Pepys, learn what the Lord Mayor thought, and why everyone loved the King and his brother. And discover why the Medieval street plan still remains.

Meet by Monument Underground Station.


clio-walks-london_28673241691_oThis walk takes us through what were the wealthy streets and squares of Marylebone and see how it developed.

We start with Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street, admire some beautiful Georgian houses, and end in a Square that was once so fashionable that a Princess lived there.

Discover how railways changed London and the route of London’s first underground. Uncover why a fashionable London street became the home of the medical profession and why a huge financial scam put paid to the hopes of the wealthy.

Meet by Baker Street Underground Station.


tate-modern_28401446264_oThis tour takes you through the galleries of Tate Modern, the most visited modern art gallery in the world. We will visit a selection of paintings, photographs and installations from the Artist and Society gallery and explore the artists’ relationship with the painting and what they might want you to experience. It is a fascinating introduction to art from the 20th century from all around the world.
Meet outside Tate Modern

LONDON AFTER SUNSET 20160815_173139_28404691273_o

Discover some of London’s oldest pubs as we walk by the Old River Thames, and enjoy a glass of ale and a chat in a chosen few. We’ll meet writers, printers and maybe a traitor or two…



Follow in the footsteps of Virginia Woolf, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen – each one tailored especially for you.