• Let me put together a bespoke tour for you….

• I organise bespoke walks for companies, organisations, clubs and societies.

• I also arrange private tours for family groups and friends. For information and prices, please contact me with your ideas.

A fun birthday present with friends.

Surprise your friends with a fascinating experience of a guided walk through the streets of London. Choose a theme or a place that makes it personal and so much fun. And end in one of London’s famous pubs or dine together.

A team building adventure.

Walks are a great way to get to know other people as you stroll along and chat between short stops. Walks can even be specially designed to encourage teams to work together, they can also be combined with a fun team quiz at the end in one of London’s pubs.

An Orientation for staff.

An orientation walk is a good way for staff, old and new, to get out and talk to each other; and learning about their surroundings can really enrich the experience of working in the city. We don’t often take the time to stand and stare and we miss the fantastic treasures which are all around and above us.

Foreign and UK visitors to London.

These walks are very popular with companies who wish to show off London to visiting colleagues and clients. A 90 minute walk is a great way for guests to understand why the city is so important, and they are always impressed with the rich heritage.

I also speak fluent French.

A student’s guide to the City.

Moving away from home to London can be quite daunting and disorienting. This is a good way to explore and appreciate these new surroundings and a pleasant way to make new friends together.

An intimate tour of your favourite themes

Public art, architecture, history, LGBT, women, ghosts, literature, pubs, shopping, famous people, music and so much more.

A London you never thought you knew.

Perhaps you have lived in London for a while, and think you have sampled all its delights. Let me take you on a walk and look around, look up and appreciate things you may have walked past for years.

A haunted walk

I am passionate about finding unusual stories in seemingly ordinary spaces. My spooky walks are more than just any haunted walk. We discover interesting places with the added bonus of a spooky tale at each stop.

Walk to dinner the long way round.

Entertaining guests for lunch or dinner can be a much more memorable experience if they are guided to the venue through the maze of London alleyways and told stories about the city on the way. An hour or so walking will also improve the appetite!

Meet up Groups, Clubs and Societies.

Many clubs and societies around the country arrange trips in London, and a bespoke tour of London is a wonderful way to spend a morning or afternoon. There is such a huge variety of sights, or off the beaten track walks, or a secret tour which gives you an insider’s guide to the city.