Captivated audience outside the spooky Blackfriars Tavern

About Me

I am a Northerner from Lancashire who came to London as a student and loved it so much that I stayed. Since then, I have mostly lived in Newington Green in the inner London Borough of Islington. I like to feel I follow in the footsteps of the Tudors, of Dissenters, and of the advocator of the Rights of Women, Mary Wollstonecraft, as I walk across the Green every day.

London is endlessly fascinating and full of curious stories and tales. As a student, I became involved in Oral History and then spent a lot of my life working in television and producing documentaries about Women’s History for Channel 4 Television. This is probably why I enjoy telling a good tale or two, and ferreting out hidden histories.

I feel proud to be an official Tate Modern Guide, and a qualified City of London Guide, and a qualified City of Westminster Guide. I am a member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding and I hold their Green Badge Guide award.

Please join me in a walk. And please just ask me if there is a special walk you would like me to provide. I would be delighted!